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Image by Jéan Béller



Why “Save the Wave” ?

Choosing a name for this business was the hardest part of starting up. I wanted something simple, unique but telling.

Our goal is to be able to give back to the ocean and education and spread awareness about sharks! When we say this we don’t JUST mean making donations to ocean and shark conservation groups. We want to get our own community involved in cleaning our local beaches. We want to encourage people that, even though we acknowledge that the pollution in our ocean goes way beyond a picking up a few pieces of trash, you do make a difference when you decide to not walk by a beached water bottle or an abandoned beach toy. How trash, the plastic that you've recycled prior, and other miscellaneous items end up in the ocean is a problem of the masses but we are here to hopefully start a ripple effect for our local sharks and beaches.😉  

We are passionate about shark teeth and the mouths that they fell from. If our pieces can get people talking and curious about sharks and the ocean, that’s also a win for us.

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